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the redheaded sex god [userpic]


January 5th, 2006 (03:35 am)

mood: pensive

lots of things happening again! Did i tell you about Riksama losing her memory? i'm kinda sad baout that but i know she'll get it back with time you know? She's remembering things more and more so thats good

But, she mentioned a name for a moment when she had briefly regained herself. She said the name Sephiroth and that he might be coming back. This definitely spells bad news. I have yet to tell anyone, but I don't think I could keep it to myself any longer.

squall and yuffie had another part of them and it was weird but also Izlude came back so thats cool. He's gotten bigger and older and stuff Nadia keeps taking Mysteres guitar too but dont worry mystere I'm getting it back for you!!

weird ninja guy is hanigng around tohru, so thats weird. Riksama doesn't seem to mind so okay

the redheaded sex god [userpic]


July 16th, 2005 (12:51 am)

mood: nervous

Has all this time gone buy? Lots of things happened!!! okay maybe not. Those dorks are letting me marry Riksama again! Yay!!! Were not sure when were getting married but its in a few months and only some people are allowed to go okay? We don't want all the villaegers there to ruin things. i couldn't handle another ruined wedding.

Shinra is kinda getting rebuilt now. Dunno if im happy or sad. I got a job and paycheks so I guess its cool eh? Rufus put Kaylee and Albert as Vicepresidents kinda, like one is in control of midgar and the other of Junon so like I guess theyre vice prez and stuff. Whatever. But theyre getting things done. They got this weird family rivalry going on so like they're trying to out do each other... kinda funny. Kaylee's always funny scary when she's mad.

Then we had a fundraising concert!!!!!! We raised funds to get blitzball and quidditch started up in Sakura village. maybe its gonna be Sakura town soon? Or even Sakura City! We're getting big! Its so exciting.

Oh yeah the concert. Lost Kauze performed (woohoo!) and we rocked of course then KLP and a few others. I don't know who is more popular between us and those girls but we're all the biggest buzz in the town. Man I don't have mobs of fangirls (like Mystere) but I do have fangirls. Its cool having people who want your autograph and stuff. I don't think Riksama is jealous because she's got lots of fans! This is all really cool. Is this the life of a rock star? Eh I geuss its not the whole sex drugs and rock and all bit, but its fun. I already lived those days, eh?

Speakin of which Riksama is kinda bummed out about me not telling her things. alright let me be serious for a moment, okay?

I've done many things in the past that I regret and care not remember. Some of these things may or may not be Turk-work related. Either way, there are so many aspects of my life that make me who I am today and sometimes (all the time) I really do not wish to elaborate on them or even discuss it. I try to be open, honest, and willing. But really, I am a secretive person. Its in my nature, it is who I am, and that is just one aspect I will never change. Call it my instincts from Turk training, call it being a Scorpio, or from being mistreated as a child. It does not matter what label you give it. If I do not share things, or if I lie about things, from my past, it is not personal. How am I supposed to react when others get hurt from this? That puts me in a situation I do not like to be. I am trying to open up, but this is Reno. This is who I am. I am willing to bring down my barriers to let people close to me, but no one will ever, ever get past some of these final walls I have set up. If you prod enough, I'd probably tell you things... but I don't like that. Having to tell someone secrets I don't want to give out pisses me off. More than pisses me off, it makes me lose respect and trust in them. Really, forget about my past. </seriousness>

Riksama said she gots this feeling that something is gonna happen but i don't know if anything will and she doesnt either. I hope its not bad or anythign! Her mom wont tell either and I guess i can't blame her too much. will thing sbe alright? I hope so!!

the redheaded sex god [userpic]


November 19th, 2004 (06:46 pm)

mood: annoyed

Man things were going all good and stuff, even though I lost against Mystere in the magic contest. But then like a bunch of other stuff happened like Xelloss kidnapped my girls and I didnt like that so Daisuke had to go back and Yaiko was sad and stuff. ._. I think hes back for a little while now or something.

But then those dorks came back!! Sebastian and Michael and specialy that dumbass Dustin. The nerds then told me that im not married to Rik-sama because i didn't get their approval so now Im all like wtf?

I have to sleep on the couch and stuff and they say im taking advantage of her when im not!!

Blaahhfhhgshh. There still dorks though. Hahaha.

the redheaded sex god [userpic]

(no subject)

June 1st, 2004 (10:41 pm)

mood: happy

Ah the peace is back and no more moaning dead people trying to eat everyone. rik-sama is calmer now I can tell without the zombies, because she really hates zombies and stuff. I hope they never come back or anything

I herd there is a magic tornament and im going to join and probably beat everyone like allways. I have a crap load of magic to choose from but i never realized how to really use all of them... actually i havent even used my Shinigami powers yet. Eh Ill figure it out.

Me and rik-sama are going on holiday yay. Im not going to tell you that were going to icicle inn somewhere because we dont want anyone to follow us there. But well be back.

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April 21st, 2004 (10:55 pm)

mood: happy

Hum humm the girls are growing up pretty and I'm proud. The mansion is clouded in this weird happiness bubble but im not complaning.christian and Tacienta's wedding is soon and its gona be pretty. Soon the zombies will be taken cared of too and everything will be great.


I just want to give Riksama a big hug and kiss. Everyone should be happy like this all the time. I cant wait until Leah's wedding whenever it is.


the redheaded sex god [userpic]

Baby baby baby! :O

March 14th, 2004 (06:14 pm)

mood: dorky

Rik had her baby and her baby and her baby... we had triplets! O.O

I didnt see it coming.. but I think the fact that she was.. uh... well she wasnt as small as she usually is when pregnant should have given it away.

Bekka Nadia and Tohru our three baby girls. There so pretty and Bekka is stubborn like her mommy.

Um.. Rufus is freaking me out ever since he got younger. He hit on me (O.o!!) and I have been running into him a lot lately. Im worried... It probably has something to do with the fact that the two of us became "involved" about the time he was... 20 or.. 21... I liked the time we were together but uh... dude Im married. He's engaged... I dont think either of the women would like that and Rik is always afraid Im gonna leave her for him. He needs to get a clue or a boyfriend, if that's what he wants. o.O;

^___^ I love my daughters...

:O Christian and Tacienta are getting married next week, Im happy for them. They're cute but I think I'm gonna have to tutor that boy in the ways of human reproduction... or else they'll end up training in the dojo on their wedding night. -.-;

The twelfth female student of mine tried to get into my pants again yesterday... I don't know why everyone wants me.. oh.. yes I do.

I am the sex god. Mwaha.

Speaking of which, I wonder where Rik-sama is at...

the redheaded sex god [userpic]

Yes again

January 23rd, 2004 (10:10 pm)

mood: dorky

Rik is having a baby a baby! Im happy...

I like kids and I think I have this quota I have to fill or something... *competitive glare in Mysteres direction*

Either way I like kids and I dont know if I want a girl or boy or whatever.

We'll see.

In other news, the rest of the mansion is pregnant too, which is creepy. Kind of funny if you ignore the mood swings, weird eating habits and irritated women x3.

Things will be interesting... especially since Im thoroughly convinced Mystere is really into incest. Im not gonna discuss the latest rumor I heard from the girls in my classes. XP

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(no subject)

December 27th, 2003 (09:04 pm)

mood: determined

I am happy that the war is over, and now we have a school called Sakura University, ironicly enough. Rik is not the host of Shinigami anymore and now I am. It is strange and different but also calming and alarming. I see and hear things and feel things but I also cannot deny the attraction of such power. I feel bad for Rik-sama, since she is powerless... but I am also glad because Shinigami didnt like her or anything. Now I can protect her like the way it is supposed to be.
Im getting better at typing, I feel smarter now or something... I teach Sex Education at the school which I think is an appropriate course for me. (See the name? Oh yeah. :P) And I have a lot of my kids and friends' kids in the class which amuses me.

Saw a concert the other day of this new group "KLP" which isn't a very original name but okay.. its all my daughters in some sort of way. Its Kaylee, my daughter-in-law and my niece-in-law, Leah my daughter, and Papaya my granddaughter. They are good yay ^^

Rik's mom's back and Ian's back and my sister's back. Its weird. Dead people coming back, all we need now are zombies.. (eee!)

Rik is gonna live forever now too, her mom says. I hope I can find a way to join her. I love Rik-sama very much and I do believe well be together forever. Something inside me tells me this so I won't give up hope.

Just dont give up on me either, Rik-sama!

the redheaded sex god [userpic]

(no subject)

September 23rd, 2003 (06:44 am)

mood: discontent

wow a lot has happened... i cant even believe a lot of the things thats gone on. i mean ever since the attack everyone has been acting different. i guess i can see why i mean i doubt any of us expected someone we knew to die. sure we thought it and said it but when it came down to it... its kind of sad and i feel bad for rik-sama. people are blaming her and shes taking it just as hard as everyone else. i hope things will get better.

the redheaded sex god [userpic]

(no subject)

July 28th, 2003 (11:35 pm)

mood: dorky

things have been oddly calm around here.. we had one attack again but it wasnt as bad as the last one was i think because of the situation. but everyone seems to be happy except for the select few that are the wheels behind this army so... i am starting to worry. i think something is being planned. i hope we wont have to do some real fighting soon. i know a spaceship is nearly done but will we be fighting them up there? thats crazy, we just first went into space four years ago and we havent been up since!

well this whole war is just crazy nutso. i say we take the sister ray and aim it up at the sky.....

but we know what happened last time we used the sister ray and i dont think rufus would like a reminder. ahaha.

sister ray what a stupid name for a cannon that dumb bitch scarlet...

im glad shes dead. i forgot who killed her actually... i dont care at least shes dead.

i think i will go have some ice cream now.

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